On my early morning walk, this image of delicate fuchsia spring blossoms, against a rough, scratchy wall in the background, caught my attention. As I took the picture, I was intrigued.

The way opposites, when hand in hand, somehow create balance, truly fascinates me. We see this in nature, in art, but also in people. The phrase “opposites attract” is very true indeed. Our eyes, our fingers, our tastebuds, even our souls, sometimes consciously and others unconsciously, rejoice when they feast on opposing images and textures and sensations.

A soft leafy green salad with a sprinkle of fragrant, crunchy toasted seeds…

The first droplets of autumn rain, evaporating on the scorched dry earth…

A slippery silk dress accentuated by the brightness of a sharply cut jewel…

The simple smoothness and liquidity of a cold glass of fresh water, causing rough broken ice to crack, just before it melts into smoothness itself…

The softness of a woman’s delicate touch, while her hand glides over the stubbly masculine face of the man she desires…

The soft purr of a happy cat, while she repeatedly digs her sharp claws into her human’s chest, as an act of endearment and… perhaps a tad of possessiveness?

And then those bright, emerald green eyes, against the velvety soft ash grey fur…

The smoothness of the salty sea water, as the waves endlessly break and stroke, smoothing away ancient rugged rocks…

The sweetness and the bitterness of a ripe, juicy grapefruit…

The calm before the storm…

I can go on and on.

In the end, it’s all about the magical balance of life.

This balance is incredibly beautiful when we stop, to take a breath and notice it. It’s all around us. And to me, it’s also very reassuring, the fact that, everything returns to a natural equilibrium, sooner or later, which is where things are naturally meant to be.

We may have storms in our lives, but the calm will in due course quieten them. We may fall ill, struggle, but our bodies, our minds, are naturally drawn back to this equilibrium eventually. We may argue, fret, grieve…but then that moment in time will come again, when we are filled with peace and love and acceptance.

All we have to do is love. Because with Love, comes patience and kindness and forgiveness and gratitude. And when we are grateful, we will always find balance.

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  1. Athina Markantoni says:

    Your picture and comments are sooooooo moving and at the same time mind-expanding! Welcome Spring!

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    1. Theresa says:

      Thank you for taking the time to read my lovely! Happy Spring ❤️


  2. Camilla E. Benincasa says:


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  3. Sophie Spanos says:

    Beautifully said Theresa. Please keep writing ❤️.

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